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MONEY Car Wash Shampoo


For limited time each bottle will contain a variety of bills ranging from $1 to $100 inside the bottle, wrapped in a pouch. Now is a great time to get it! Who knows you might get enough to buy that thing you have been wanting

Our car shampoo is safe for paint and helps remove grime, and dirt. This soap will not strip off wax layers and is biodegradable. It provides an excellent foamy clean, while leaving a refreshing oak tree scent.


Wheel Cleaner


Our wheel cleaner is great for removing brake dust and grime off of your wheels. Safe for all wheels as it contains NO acids which could damage them. This also comes with a smooth rose scent to it.

Meet Spray


Our Meet Spray, also called waterless wash is perfect for any quick detail wherever you are. It is an all purpose cleaner that cleans wheels, paint, windows, bumpers and more. This bottle also comes with a scratch resistant formula, with a hit of lavender.


Tire Shine


Our tire shine dressing leaves you tires looking shiny just as if it came off the showroom, Bringing out its natural shine. Simply apply several dabs and spread around with a tire shine applicator or towel.

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