How to use our products

Wheel Cleaner

1. Make sure wheels are cool to the touch

2. Spray directly onto wheel and let penetrate for 30 seconds

3. Agitate the wheel surface with a soft brush or sponge

4. Wipe clean with a microfiber towel

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Meet Spray (Waterless Wash)

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray directly onto surface.

3. Gently wipe with a clean microfiber towel.

4. Using a second dry towel, buff to a shine.

Caution. For excessively soiled surfaces (mud or sand) pre-rinse first with water.

Glass Cleaner

1. Spray directly onto surface.

2. For a lustrous shine, wipe with a dry microfiber towel

**Wipe with a clean towel to prevent streaks**

Leather & Interior Protectant

1. Shake bottle well.

2. Spray directly onto surface.

3. Lightly buff with towel to a lustrous finish.

Tire Shine

1. Apply quarter-sized dab to soft cloth, towel or applicator.

2. Gently buff into surface.
(Do not use on tire treads or other area where grip is important.)

Car Wash Shampoo

1. Move car to a shaded location away from direct sunlight.

2. Rinse car to remove loose dirt.

3. Dilute 1 oz. Car Wash Shampoo per gallon of water in bucket.

4. Wash car with a sponge, microfiber or terry towel.

5. Rinse car then dry immediately with towel.

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