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Introducing your new favorite all-in-one solution: Slip Ceramic Spray. With its lustrous, blueberry-scented finish designed to last up to a year with proper care, this product is crafted to repel water and fend off contaminants, ensuring effortless maintenance and a showroom-worthy shine that surpasses the competition. Tested and proven against top-tier rivals, its hydrophobic formula offers unparalleled protection while enhancing various surfaces like your vehicle’s color and carbon fiber. Experience enduring brilliance with every spray, elevating your car care routine and reveling in the scent of success with Slip Ceramic Spray.

  1. Apply directly onto the surface or a CLEAN microfiber towel.
  2.  Ensure even distribution across the surface.
  3. Buff immediately or allow a brief rest of up to 5-15 seconds.
  4.  Dry buff using a clean, dry microfiber towel.
  5. Refrain from washing the vehicle for 24 hours and avoid moisture for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Wait 3-5 minutes before applying a second coat.
**Important Tips**

Be Sure to spray on a cool surface and out of direct sunlight. In order to get the best results and making sure the product bonds properly while making it easier to buff away the product.

There WILL be film left over, be sure to completely buff it off. (we recommend using a low heat light, or a little bit of sunlight to see where there is left over hazy film.


Extended Endurance: Provides protection for a minimum of 3 months in harsh marine conditions. Offers up to a year of protection for most automotive users (with proper care, see below to learn more).

Flexible Application: Suitable as a standalone coating or as a topcoat for ceramic sealants.

Protection: Protects against light swirls and scratches. 

Top-tier Hydrophobic Coating: Achieves superior hydrophobic effect for effortless water repellency.

Time and Effort Savings: Saves time and effort on cleaning and maintenance with easy application.

Professional-Grade Results: Achieves professional-level outcomes, suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

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Why should I use ceramic spray instead of wax?”

While wax offers temporary shine and protection, ceramic spray takes it a step further with long-lasting durability lasting up to a year. Unlike wax, ceramic spray provides superior scratch resistance, hydrophobic properties, and UV protection, ensuring your vehicle maintains its pristine appearance for an extended period. Say goodbye to frequent reapplications and hello to effortless maintenance with ceramic spray’s easy-to-apply formula. Versatile across various surfaces, ceramic spray outperforms wax in delivering professional-grade results, boasting a lasting glossy finish that turns heads wherever you go. Experience the ultimate in vehicle care with ceramic spray, leaving wax in the rearview mirror.


Why should I buy this instead of taking it in to get it ceramic coated by professionals?”

There are some compelling reasons to this. Firstly, our ceramic spray offers significant cost savings compared to the higher expenses associated with professional services. Which can cost up to literally thousands of dollars. Additionally, while professional ceramic coatings may entail longer application times, our spray provides a quick and easy application process, saving you valuable time and hassle. Despite being a spray-on product, our ceramic spray delivers professional-grade results, ensuring long-lasting durability, scratch resistance, and hydrophobic properties. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking for an affordable solution or a professional seeking convenience without compromising on quality.


How often should I use Slip on my vehicle?”

Well the more the better, right? However we recommend re-applying after every clean or every 2.5-3 months to ensure a continuous strong bondage. Now with proper care and right washing techniques and products you can expect the product to last up to a year.


How do I clean and make sure it lasts as long as possible?”

Also known as maintenance or proper care. In order to make sure your application lasts as long as possible, always be sure to hand wash your vehicle using right techniques that wont introduce scratches, by using the right (clean) towels, the right chemicals that wont harm your clear coat, and the proper directions on applying the product. By doing this it will last more than half a year with ease.

    This product has been tested through deep and rigorous testing, to ensure top quality results
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